November 27, 2022

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In Tower of Fantasy, gamers can gather numerous substances for direct consumption or to cook dinner recipes. Cooking is a crucial side of the gameplay, as consuming meals will improve the sensation of satiety, which in flip permits you to rapidly restore your well being and stamina. Whereas most of those substances are present in abundance all through the map, some substances can solely be present in particular areas. Thornfruit is one such uncommon ingredient that solely grows within the depths of the disconcerting abyss. Here’s a information on the place to search out Thornfruits in Tower of Fantasy.

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Thornfruit location in Fantasy Tower

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Thornfruits are small, red-colored fruits that look so much like raspberries. These uncommon fruits often seem in numbers within the second and third dungeons of the Confounding Abyss. The Confounding Abyss is a sequence of dungeons situated instantly below the floating metropolis of Meroria within the Fira area. This space is split into three sub-levels: Metropolis Gate, Confounding Abyss, and Third Metropolis. Thornfruits could be discovered on the Twilight Abyss and the third metropolis flooring. Check with the map above for actual coordinates of this location.

How one can use thornfruit in fantasy tower

Thornfruit are small, juicy fruits that may be nice for rehydrating within the murky depths of a disorienting abyss. This fruit could be consumed instantly, or combined with different substances to arrange recipes. When consumed, it regenerates 2 satiety and restores 4000 + 5% HP to the wanderer. Listed below are the gadgets you’ll be able to cook dinner with Thornfruits in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Thornfruit soda (2 thorns fruit + 1 honey + 1 soda water)
  • Desert salad (2 thorns fruit + 1 cactus ball + 1 salad dressing)
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